Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's a New Year, a time to reflect and grow from last year. I'm excited, hoping for a new job and maybe even a new home. The only thing that isn't going to be so great is that Graham will be gone for most of it, because he is deploying. I'm so thankful for the unexpected time we did have together this past year.

This New Years Eve, we headed down to Anchorage to meet up with some friends, who were the perfect hosts and generously offered to let us bring our two stinkers. We woke up early slept in, grabbed some bagels, then headed to REI where we rented cross country skis.  The nice thing about the sun only being up for a few hours, is it makes it unnecessary to get up at the crack of dawn. We spent a few hours going up and down the gentle slopes, and it was so much fun! I thought cross country skiing was done on a flat level, open field- boy, was I wrong! We were on trails winding up and down. Graham and Dana were such naturals (boys make everything look easy!). We even saw some wildlife.

Later that evening, we watched the fireworks downtown then headed to a restaurant and enjoyed each other's company. Tiffany found the cutest NYE tiaras and hats! We made it back home just in time to watch the ball drop and fall into beds. :-)

Christmas decorations are now stored away, and it makes me sad. I love the twinkling lights and the house feels a little empty in the spot where we kept our tree. (although it's probably a good thing it's gone, since guests enter through that door...)

And of course the obligatory New Year's resolutions:

1. Complain less and focus on being positive/ thankful
2. Exercise more
3. Write more blogs ;-)


  1. Yay I like #3!

    I've never been skiing, it looks awesome!

  2. Where were you skiing at? The ski track looks pretty good in the pic, and I am looking for skiing spots after this heat wave here......

  3. Hey Nina! The skiing was awesome... I believe it was at Kincaid Park.

  4. Yep, Kincaid sounds about right. Now when it has been a bit colder, I think I will head out that way, and check the skiing conditions.

  5. Beautiful photos! Happy new year!

  6. Oh my...cross country skiing seems like such a workout. Was it?