Thursday, December 9, 2010

tis the season

Finn and Lucy got their picture taken with Santa last weekend! Our local animal shelter (where we found Finn!) was having a fundraiser and we decided to stop by. I was so proud of my babies and how well behaved they were! The workers even remembered my little Finn. Did I ever mention how his name used to be Cloudberry? He was born from a litter of berries... Strawberry, Blueberry, you get the idea.  Thankfully, the name was changeable. 

I'm feeling so spoiled! A new down coat and warm, winter boots are always welcome! Those bad boys can keep my tootsies warm down to -40 temps. Perfect for the dog park or long walks in this wintry wonderland. The last time I was in this cold of weather, I was in Russia and wearing my host mother's thick coat (a dublyonka) as I hobbled my way to the trolleybus. Hopping onto a warm, crowded bus seemed like solace from the icy embrace of winter. When it dips into the negatives, the inside of your nose freezes, making every nose hair noticeable. It hurts to breathe too deeply and after a while, the frigid air seems to burn any exposed skin. BUT the snowflakes are beautiful. And the dark night glitters in the light of the street lamps. And it is magic.


  1. That coat is so cute on you! I can't imgaine being in the negatives. I think the 30's are bad enough!

  2. I'm glad you've got some good boots and a nice coat! We sure do miss you guys...I hope you have a great Christmas!