Sunday, October 30, 2011

my bedroom

When I first moved, I thought I was going to paint my bedroom pink... after all, it might be the last chance to paint it an uber girly color. After painting the living room, I realized I had no desire to spend another week with a stiff neck.  So, all in all I painted one room, folks, one room.
At first this was the setup...
It needed some color, so in came some new curtains:

The other curtain were repurposed to the kitchen- where they fit in perfectly!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I've moved! Sneak Peek!

During these past few months I moved from beautiful, rural Alaska to the city life in Maryland!  I definitely experienced a little culture shock once arriving- so many people, so many cars, so many stores! I may or may not have lost my mind when it came to shopping! ;-)

I miss my friends and my sweet, little cabin, but I know I made friendships that will endure the distance. And as for the cabin?  Well, I'm slowly making this apartment my own and falling in love with it as well.  I am basically a handywoman considering how much furniture I've assembled since moving here!  IKEA was only too happy to oblige my inexperienced hands.  Two beds, a table, and six chairs later, I think I'm good. Following a mini vacation with their grandparents, Lucy and Finn are enjoying life!  After all, (keeping with the military kid stereotypes) home is where the heart is.  And Maryland, I think we can have something pretty good here.  Even if everybody here drives like crazy people!

Here's a sneak peek of my apartment... starting with the guest bedroom:
NEVER, EVER buy this trundle bed! 897638164 hours later it's together, but there's no way it's going anywhere! And the drawers don't work.

I repurposed this step stool for when it's out of use!

A simple shelf adds dimension and is handy for a late night glass of milk and cookies.
Once I get the rest of the apartment up to par, I'll post some more! Any new blog header suggestions?