Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Milkmaid Braids, fashion do or don't?

When I was younger, I used to wake up early before my mom went to work and wait until she had time to french braid my hair. I loved the way my hair looked plaited, but lacked the ability to french braid my own, or anyone else's hair. Fast forward to college years, I'd ask all my friends who could french braid and safely file away that useful information. I never practiced on anyone else, my dolls didn't have enough hair, my mother didn't have time, yada yada. About a month ago, I had the genius idea to learn via youtube. One try, and I know how to french braid! yipee! It seemed so much more difficult? Suddenly the world of braids is at my fingertips. Thank you youtube. 
Which leads me to my current hairstyle obsession: milkmaid braids. What say you, fellow bloggers? 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

early weekend

and this is how I celebrate:

Seriously, Sarah? Color coding your bookshelf?
I know, I need to get a life.

In other news, Lucy has become much more vocal/ playful at night and it's tripping me out! Finn isn't too bad when he plays, because of his bell. I have this insane fear of someone sneaking in the house. Last night I was paralyzed in my bed thinking of escape routes after I heard some rustlings. Gah! Nothing worse than tiptoe-ing around a dark bedroom wondering if you should confront the intruder and hope you scare him with your green belt tae kwon do skills from 10 years ago OR try to hide in the closet (that's totally the first place they'd look though, right?!). 

During the day, it's been the perfect weather. Love the crisp fall air and crunchy leaves!
This is the backyard view- I feel so lucky to live here.

Mt. Mckinley, my friends. Also known as Denali to all the locals around here- I've been loving these clear days, where we can see far away from the valleys of Fairbanks. I'm just praying winter doesn't come too quickly!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Crazy pet owner

That's me! I take way too many pictures of my pets. My camera is constantly in need of fresh batteries. I even take webcam pics of them! I can't help it! They're so cute! 

My name is Sarah and I have a problem taking too many pictures of my cat and dog.

Love them!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mmmm the taste of fall.

Today was relaxing. I checked out a new pet store location and scored some free samples and coupons. Lucy loves meeting new people and having them coo over her! Then I headed over to Barnes and Noble. We have the best Barnes & Noble ever! There is a round fireplace with cozy chairs surrounding it. I was hoping to get my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, but they were all out of pumpkin, so I settled on my 'go to' Chai. A couple magazines later and I headed to Old Navy. Hey peeps- there aren't a lot of stores around here, so don't judge! :-P I picked up some cords and am so happy! I just love fall and everything associated with it. Then headed home for a quick bubble bath. I'm freezing here, but am trying not to turn up the heat yet. I start the new job tomorrow and am excited and a little nervous. Wish me luck!

Catching up.

First and foremost, this day will never be the same. Nine years ago, I was living in Germany and I remember seeing the attacks on the news. Smoke filling the sky, people crying, and frantic questions. I remember thinking it was a movie and turned it off. I was so desensitized. Everything seemed so far away. The military base was put on lock down, so our parents came home late that night. The next day at school, my classmate, Ross, was missing. Rumors circled school that his dad was in the Pentagon that day. I couldn't imagine losing a parent and my heart hurt so bad for him. Thankfully, his father was fine, but that moment made it so real to me. Never forget.

The most difficult part about blogging is that I reserve things to talk about, never get around to posting, then when I finally do, it's a good week later.

Last weekend, Graham and I took off to Valdez to meet some friends, Zach and Sarah. They always remind me of that Ben Folds song! The drive alone was worth it! Alaska is so amazing when the leaves have changed colors. When I visited last october the leaves had already fallen and I thought Fairbanks was so gray and brown, and not at all beautiful. Well, my mind has certainly changed! Reds, oranges, and yellows lit up the forests and made me oh so happy. Add in some tents and toasted marshmallows that made for an excellent weekend. Valdez contains some of the most breathtaking glaciers and waterfalls I have ever seen. We took Finn and Lucy with us, which was great. They were so cute- snuggling and playing. Finn slept in my sleeping bag (my own personal heater) and Lucy slept in a crate in the truck. Finn has got to be the best kitten ever- he used the litter box while the truck was moving! He's definitely a keeper. We did get a bit rained out, but we checked out a small museum and a yummy place to eat. On Sunday we continued to Anchorage, did some quick, unsuccessful shopping, then headed back home. Poor Graham did all the driving and we collapsed when we got home!
that's a mountain up there!
Finn cautiously exploring
loveable Lucy

Tuesday he left. I feel like I'm always saying that. I thought I'd update this more, but I can get so lonely and I don't want to focus on the fact that he's gone. This time it'll be about 2 1/2 weeks. Hopefully, I can set up some date nights with a girlfriend. I want to surprise Graham with some tasty new dishes when he comes home.

Until then, I'm mainly bundled up on the couch watching bad tv on my laptop, calling family, taking Lucy for mini walks. Monday I start a job working at a children's daycare. I'm excited because I love kids, but disappointed because the job I really wanted, is no longer available. Another way to pass the time- check. And ranger school? Have no idea how I'm going to handle that one.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My pets are a little confused.

        Finn and Lucy are a constant source of amusement. Lucy is slowly working on her commands and it's funny how much my heart swells when she does something right. I finally got her to lay down and was so excited! Then I told her to sit, and she laid down.... back to square one :-D One things for sure, she's super fun to train, because she loves food so much!
       A lot of people I know are not "cat people"- I know people who like cats and dogs, but rarely do you meet a cat person who hates dogs. It's funny to me how one-sided this can be! Well after having both for a couple of weeks now, I still love both!
      Finn thinks he's a puppy anyway. Never in my life have I seen a cat chase his tail as much as he does (I think he might have a slightly longer tail than average).When Lucy goes on potty breaks he sits at the door mewing to go out too. He even wakes me up in the morning by licking my face! Finn is a sweet cat, going 100% energy or 100% nap time. He flies at Lucy when they're playing- often the instigator, but he's the first to snuggle with her. He's a tough little kitty with a jingle bell that makes it hard to take him seriously.
      Lucy. Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. I love this little pup, and she is a handful. She's so funny to just watch. She gets into anything and everything she's not supposed to, and then looks up innocently with these big, beautiful, brown puppy eyes. Whenever I go out and people say, "What a cute puppy!" she completely betrays me by running into their arms and giving them sweet kisses. I guess I should be glad she isn't unsocial... I love that her favorite toys are socks. preferably the just-worn-variety. Lucy just makes my heart melt when she falls asleep in my lap. I just wish she would stay this size forever. Our next doggy addition will be lap size! Lucy thinks she's a kitten anyway, and we have appropriately dubbed her, Kitty.
      Just the other day a friend was talking about going to a meeting for army spouses and when I mentioned I'm not technically an army spouse, she replied,"Yeah, but you guys have kids together!"

Yes, we do. Love our little family with our illegitimate babies!
Sweet Finn wanting to go outside.
Snuggle buddies!