Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Milkmaid Braids, fashion do or don't?

When I was younger, I used to wake up early before my mom went to work and wait until she had time to french braid my hair. I loved the way my hair looked plaited, but lacked the ability to french braid my own, or anyone else's hair. Fast forward to college years, I'd ask all my friends who could french braid and safely file away that useful information. I never practiced on anyone else, my dolls didn't have enough hair, my mother didn't have time, yada yada. About a month ago, I had the genius idea to learn via youtube. One try, and I know how to french braid! yipee! It seemed so much more difficult? Suddenly the world of braids is at my fingertips. Thank you youtube. 
Which leads me to my current hairstyle obsession: milkmaid braids. What say you, fellow bloggers? 


  1. I love milkmaid braids!!! Not sure what Michael Kors would have to say about it, but I give the thumbs up!! ;)

  2. So. jealous. If my hair was long I would totally be on Youtube learning how to do this. :) So cute on you! :)

  3. It's super cute. I didn't even consider youtube as an instructor for that. I can french braid but I do it backwards on myself. It looks awful. Maybe I can re-teach myself! I'll be back soon! Yay :)