Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catching up.

First and foremost, this day will never be the same. Nine years ago, I was living in Germany and I remember seeing the attacks on the news. Smoke filling the sky, people crying, and frantic questions. I remember thinking it was a movie and turned it off. I was so desensitized. Everything seemed so far away. The military base was put on lock down, so our parents came home late that night. The next day at school, my classmate, Ross, was missing. Rumors circled school that his dad was in the Pentagon that day. I couldn't imagine losing a parent and my heart hurt so bad for him. Thankfully, his father was fine, but that moment made it so real to me. Never forget.

The most difficult part about blogging is that I reserve things to talk about, never get around to posting, then when I finally do, it's a good week later.

Last weekend, Graham and I took off to Valdez to meet some friends, Zach and Sarah. They always remind me of that Ben Folds song! The drive alone was worth it! Alaska is so amazing when the leaves have changed colors. When I visited last october the leaves had already fallen and I thought Fairbanks was so gray and brown, and not at all beautiful. Well, my mind has certainly changed! Reds, oranges, and yellows lit up the forests and made me oh so happy. Add in some tents and toasted marshmallows that made for an excellent weekend. Valdez contains some of the most breathtaking glaciers and waterfalls I have ever seen. We took Finn and Lucy with us, which was great. They were so cute- snuggling and playing. Finn slept in my sleeping bag (my own personal heater) and Lucy slept in a crate in the truck. Finn has got to be the best kitten ever- he used the litter box while the truck was moving! He's definitely a keeper. We did get a bit rained out, but we checked out a small museum and a yummy place to eat. On Sunday we continued to Anchorage, did some quick, unsuccessful shopping, then headed back home. Poor Graham did all the driving and we collapsed when we got home!
that's a mountain up there!
Finn cautiously exploring
loveable Lucy

Tuesday he left. I feel like I'm always saying that. I thought I'd update this more, but I can get so lonely and I don't want to focus on the fact that he's gone. This time it'll be about 2 1/2 weeks. Hopefully, I can set up some date nights with a girlfriend. I want to surprise Graham with some tasty new dishes when he comes home.

Until then, I'm mainly bundled up on the couch watching bad tv on my laptop, calling family, taking Lucy for mini walks. Monday I start a job working at a children's daycare. I'm excited because I love kids, but disappointed because the job I really wanted, is no longer available. Another way to pass the time- check. And ranger school? Have no idea how I'm going to handle that one.


  1. Your "kids" are so much more well behaved than mine. I hope it's not a testament to the owners but I'm sure it is! I'm glad you're up and blogging again. I am quite sad that you have a job, though...haha I know I'm supposed to say "congrats!" but now I won't get to hang with you throughout the week when I do return. Anyway, I'm definitely down to put together a book club!

  2. Oh no! they definitely have their bad moments... today I went to the store and bought salad, tomatoes and milk. Lucy managed to get ahold of the tomatoes and chewed one all up, then after I took it away, she bit the milk handle. I thought she was lapping the condensation. Nope. Milk spilled all over the truck! Finn is a good kitty, but we need to clip his claws because I am all scratched up!