Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Mystery of the Slashed Windows

The other day, I discovered two big slashes in the plastic helping to insulate the large window by the stairs. The next time I went upstairs there was another! Where could they be coming from?!
the large window by the stairs
the office window
Finn doesn't get his nickname Destructo Kitty for just any reason! We guessed he was the culprit and sure enough, the next morning I found his little body wedged between the plastic and the office window. Our friends educated us about some glue on caps for their claws (they come in fun colors too!). I can't be too mad at the little guy though. He found out the hard way, that the wood burning stove is hot on top and burnt all his little paw pads :-(. He hadn't been acting like himself and was having a hard time moving around. Poor, little guy has been getting wet food and kitty rubdowns all day.

Lucy misses her big brother and keeps trying to run in and play with him, so she's pretty beside herself. It's a good thing she's not an only child! I took her on a long walk (well, for -15 degree weather) and she seems to have calmed a bit. Lulu learned how to shake about a week ago and soon she'll start her Canine Good Citizen Class. Lucy and the word "good"in the same sentence? hah!

We're still settling in, and the place still needs a few more finishing touches, but we really do love it here. We're much closer to town, we use all of the rooms, and it feels so cozy! Just the other day a moose was racing me home...

You know I won! :-)

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