Monday, January 31, 2011

The beginnings of the house tour!

There are things I will miss about the old place... the beautiful brick fireplace, the lovingly painted rooms, the storage!, and the jaw dropping views of the range.  But the new place is quickly seeming more like home. I'd love to give you a tour, but I thought I'd split it up into a couple posts. 
First and foremost, the biggest (and my favorite) room in the house is the bedroom!

Here's a pic of our old bedroom:
Yes, that color was intentional! During the dark, winter months, this cheery bedroom made it possible to wake up in the mornings. The bed is a king size, so there was only enough room left over for a rug at the foot. We removed the closet doors opposite and stuck a dresser on one side. This room was a great bedroom!

The new bedroom:
(the pretty, edited version) We decided to put the bedframe in the shed, we wanted to take full advantage of the windows. It's kind of magical, falling asleep in the treetops. Kitty loves it too! 

(the real life version) Graham needed a stand for his alarm clock and since there is no overhead lighting, we needed a lamp. We repurposed a broken speaker set that act as little tables. The lamp, a present from Graham's sister, will eventually find a home in the office or living room. I'd like to get one of these instead:

not this color

On the left of the bed, is a space heater and my laptop. At the foot, the same rug and a dog bed Finn claimed as his yoga pillow. I love waking up in such a serene space! And to help celebrate Valentine's Day, I put up a paper chain with alternating 'love' and 'xoxo' rings from a template found here. Sweet and simple. 

And opposite the bed:

The couch! We were unable to fit our couch downstairs through the door to the living room, so it was sent upstairs. It's like having a suite, there's so much more room! There's a small, built in closet (teeny tiny if there's two sharing!) and to the right we hung our old curtains on a shower curtain rod to cover up some storage shelving. Every morning I wake up to a beautiful, fiery sunrise and am so thankful. 
Stay tuned for the next part of the tour!


  1. What a great window! Our last place was teeny tiny for us, but we loved it because it had a big window in the master bedroom that was up high amongst the treetops like your room. It was the best thing about that place, and we still miss it. =D Looks like you guys are settling in nicely!

  2. The news digs look great! I know what you mean about the window over the bed. J's first cabin in Alaska looked much like your bedroom does (only significantly smaller) and I loved falling asleep under the stars and waking up to a beautiful Alaska morning. Glad you're getting settled. Love the chain! (P.S.- We put Alaska on our list to PCS to) We might be crazy for wanting to go back! Hawaii was number one, though! I think I could deal with that.