Thursday, February 10, 2011

Part 2 of the House Tour

Whoops! Life got busy, but I'm back with the second installation of the new home tour.

the office
We didn't have an office at the old place, just a desk pushed against a wall.

The office is a place where I spend a lot of time.  We don't have a television, but we do watch shows online and dvds via the computer.  Unfortunately, this means if we have friends over we're limited to what we can do (board games!), because the computer is upstairs next to the bedroom.
Love that sign Graham found in Russia!
another treetop view
These will get hung eventually! 

the bathroom 

      The old bathroom:

There were curtains I made at some point, but it was a pretty basic bathroom.  I hated the sliding glass doors to the tub!

The new bathroom:

It's teeny tiny and there's not much to show. The tub is surprisingly deep, the storage expectedly nonexistent, and the room comfortably warm- courtesy of a small heater opposite the toilet. I love the new shower curtain I found at Freddie's! Kitty loves it too!

the living room
The old living room:
This was the first room Graham painted in the old house and it was my favorite color! We ended up moving the second older couch from the man room to accommodate extra guests. We played boardgames, watched movies, and lounged around in this room. We never really got many fires going in the fireplace, though.

The new living room:

It gets decidedly less use than the old space, partly because it still needs a bit of work! Pictures need to be hung, and the seating arrangement needs to be figured out. Our smaller couch wouldn't fit through the foyer, so we've been contemplating buying a loveseat or covering the one that came with the place. It is so hideous though; an ugly, dark orange blob of a couch. Someday, sometime I'll get to it!
Stay tuned for the final part of the house tour :-)

Graham's away at the moment, and I have a new friend for a while.
Finn likes his new cuddle buddy!


  1. I really like the office! What a nice view.

  2. Cute house! I love that shower curtian!