Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's the little things...

She couldn't wait to play with these- she ripped them out of the bag on the way home! :-)

Lulu hasn't had new toys since we first got her.  She loves to steal Finn's toys- especially anything with a bell!  Her grandma and grandpa did send her a sweet laser pointer for Christmas that went MIA in the move.  While picking up the puppy and kitty groceries, I couldn't resist getting her some new playthings.  She's been showing some signs of separation anxiety after Graham left and when I was working.  My Otterbox and two pairs of shoes have suffered her wrath.  New toys and rawhides should help perk her up! Such sweet, little vegetables!
The carrot has a noise maker, the turnip has a tennis ball and both have noisy leaves.

Valentine's Day sale items- the stripes around, are ropes great for chewing.

 I didn't forget about the kitties:
Ohhhh yeah!

TGIF friends!

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