Monday, February 21, 2011

Tips on picking up a couch from the dump.

Who needs blush in Alaska? Just head out to the dog park for thirty minutes, and your bright pink cheeks will give any Nars shade a run for their money. 

Friday night I had a few friends over while I made my mom's chicken and dumplings- yum! But you've seen my living room... Where to put everyone? I stopped by the dump to drop off trash and lo and behold there was a couch! A decent looking one with only two cushions! (It'd be small enough for the cabin! And FREE!)

Tip #1: Stand couch up on end and make sure you look really pathetic while 'trying' to put it in your truck. Stand a bit, as if you are contemplating how you will ever do it alone. Catch passerby's eyes while looking like a lost kitten. Someone will stop to help. Two someones actually.

Tip #2: Make sure the weather conditions are adverse. Preferably snowing, so that the couch will slide right up the stairs. No pain, no gain!

Tip #3: Don't actually measure couch and have the joy of finding out as you heave and ho and grunt, that this darn couch will never fit into your tiny cabin.

Tip #4: Saw said couch in half. Or leave it on the front porch, so all the neighbors will think some classy frat boys moved in next door.

My guests ended up on the overly febreezed cushions, extra chairs, and the floor. I got the sofa here, Graham can take it back :-) Especially since we were just hit with our very own snowpocalypse! 
When I awoke, the truck and driveway were blanketed with at least a foot and a half of snow. I opened the door and the stairs had disappeared! 
I ventured out, fought for the last snow shovel in Fairbanks and spent a good part of my day making a small dent in the snow that now resides, quite literally, outside my doorstep.

I even braved the icicles of death.
No, not those ones.

It's a serious threat. I remember hearing about people who died from them all the time in Russia. I had a few life-flashing-before-my-eyes close calls myself. 

Yeah, we kinda bonded. 

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  1. Oh, wow, Sarah! Those photos are just amazing!!! Haha, you're LIVING Northern Exposure! (I loved that show, btw). Hang in there, lady. I'm not sure when spring shows up in Alaska, but when it does, I know you'll have seriously earned it.