Thursday, January 27, 2011

Battle of the Boots

For a long time now, I have been obsessed with Hunter rain boots. 

I remember first seeing them in England and I loved how classic they looked.  Part Anglophilia and lover of not having stretchy, wet hems of jeans (the worst!), Hunters just appealed to me.  And can we talk about all the cute colors they come in?  From lime green and canary yellow to bubblegum pink and chocolate brown!  However, just this past summer my eyes swayed from my beloved Hunters to a decidedly more Alaskan pair of rain boots.

Xtratufs are favored by Alaskans, and those from Anchorage in particular.  They're not as pretty, but rather cool in their tough appearance.  Worn primarily by fishing enthusiasts, Xtratufs come with or without a steel toe and boast comfort and function.  After deciding I really don't fish at all enough, I'm back to being in love with Hunter boots, but something still makes me pause when I see a pair of Xtratufs.

What say you fellow bloggers/ rainboot lovers?

PS. Love these boot liners on etsy!


  1. I wanted some Xtratufs while I was there, but I never got any. I suppose that's a good thing now because I doubt I'd wear them here. Go with the hunters...they're fun! Did you know Hunter's makes a snow boot with a heel now? lol My friend Alyssa enlightened me:

  2. I've never owned a pair of boots so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to comment, lol! But I do like the idea of being extra tough!