Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last trip to Denali

The week before last, Graham's friend came up from the lower 48* and we decided to sneak one last trip to  Denali. The first time we went to Wonderlake campsite, which was ahmaazing! We saw tons of bears, caribou, and wolves (thankfully far, far away from where we were sleeping). The mosquitos had me wishing for this stylish number. But seriously.

This time we took a backcountry pass, which involved randomly stopping the bus, hiking a few miles off the road, and setting up camp where your tent was not visible to others. We chose an area about halfway into the park, next to a red zone. After we watched a safety video and paid for the pass, the kind lady told us the red zone is actually a bear zone (AHH!).

Beautiful Grizzlies**

Well, it was definitely an adventure. We forded an icy river and saw plenty of wildlife again. It was however, our second failed attempt to see Mt. McKinley, but that's okay. It's pretty cloudy lately. My favorite part of camping is the clear, starry sky that humbles me every time.

Alaska, you get a thumbs up from me during the summer! Fall, on the other hand...

*I still feel weird saying this moniker for the continental states- sometimes I forget and say "the states", which clearly is just as bad
**also known as brown bears! yes, they are the same

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  1. Hey there! I just came across your blog, and was looking at the Alaska posts. We met in ACS a couple months ago. :-)