Saturday, August 14, 2010

hello world. nice to meet you.

current location: Fairbanks, AK

A few of my favorite things: rainy days with good books, colorful skies, interior design, other people's smiles, list making, online shopping and browsing

A few of my least favorite: Seinfeld, too quiet houses, the end (of the toilet paper, a great story, a trip), fish tacos

I can't sleep, nothing too new. Graham is out in the field and the only thing breaking the silence is Finn's bell jingling as he darts around the room. Finnegan McGillikitty Jamal is one of the best ideas Graham has ever had. He's been a constant comfort; "talking" to me, playing with my feet, making me laugh, and snuggling up with me all night. I'm only worried about when his new sister, Lucy, joins the clan in a few days...

Love this little man!
Today I helped my friend, Jenna, paint her baby girl's bedroom. It's going from a mauve to a cheery yellow. My bedroom back home at my parents is the same yellow. A bright yellow that makes it hard to feel anything but happy. Colors can have such an emotional response. The soothing blue in the spare bedroom seems like the perfect nap room. Graham's work room is a khaki green that softens the utilitarian space,while the master bedroom is a warm orange that will keep any room during an Alaskan winter bright and toasty. Painting a room is such an inexpensive and dramatic way to change a room. What are your favorite room colors?


  1. Yes! I love when people use Hello World for their first blog post... it reminds me of how my computer science classes always used that phrase to print out text from lines of code. Wow, I'm a nerd haha.