Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thinking of you, on your favorite holiday.

My best friend is halfway around the world now, on his second tour.  I miss him terribly. 

After a blissful couple of weeks back home (Fairbanks really does feel like home now),we said our goodbyes.  He packed up his clothes, rubbed kitty and puppy bellies, and pulled on his boots.

Now, I'm clinging to any old t-shirt of his, hugging it and closing my eyes, wishing him home. 

I'm so proud, unbearably so, of my handsome soldier.


  1. Awe, Sarah! I miss your face! Call me anytime!

  2. Oh, Sarah! Hoping you're reunited soon, and he returns to you safe and sound.

  3. @ Wonderful Me- Oh, you know I will!
    @ Carol- Thank you! Me too!