Friday, April 29, 2011

A Lost Art

I'm talking about writing letters.  Or cards.  Or postcards.  A handwritten note, envelope slightly worn, never fails to bring out the romantic in me.  I save all my letters, and love to reread them.

As of late, I have a stack of 'Thank You' cards, all addressed and ready to be filled with thoughtful words.

I found the most beautiful Mother's Day cards, with little gold dots and glittery writing.  What mother wouldn't want to proudly display one of these on the refrigerator? 

Stationary sets are often too flowery or have words like "Thank You" or "You're Invited."  While browsing Barnes and Noble, chai latte in hand, I happened upon two cute sets for two very special people in my life. 

This charming notecard set is crafted on recycled paper with delicate needlework and vintage looking fabric.  I just adore how spring-like and pretty it is!  The paper is thick and the envelopes green.  I love when they are different colors and I imagine all the other envelopes at the post office are jealous of their bright counterparts. :-) 

I challenge you to find a man friendly set of cards!  I was searching for something to send my soldier to encourage him to write to family and friends, and I stumbled upon these cute  really masculine and tough notecards.  Heck, I want to use them!

 My favorite part of writing notes is the actual pen to paper.  I typically use a uni-ball gel impact because I love the thick fluid lines it gives when writing.  Even I, who have never had the best penmanship, suddenly have a purposely modern scribble.  It glides effortlessly over the paper, but can leave a thick blob of ink if you pause too long. 

I've been writing a lot in my journal and soon enough, when I finally get to that first stack!  What are you busy writing?


  1. Hello love! I agree! Hand written letters/notes are wonderful! B used to write to me allllll the time, and I have kept every one of them. It's been a while since he last wrote to me though, but oh well. Love the cards! Great job in your search!

  2. Hand-written letters and notes are the best! My husband and I became fast friends via letters, when we were teenagers. It was mostly because email wasn't available back in those days, hahaha, but I'm so thankful for it! Those cards are all great!

  3. I love the new banner! And yes, those are the best kinds of pens. The stationary at B&N is always so tempting!