Monday, October 18, 2010

Reasons why I would like this week, heck month to be over.

1. Graham is gone (not being able to sleep!)
2. I'm sick- coughing, sore throat, runny nose, the works
3. Coworker accuses me of being a bad doggy parent
4. Feeling like a bad doggy parent, no matter which way I do things
5. Crying at a friend's house
6. Friend has personal issues that emotionally affect me
7. Doctor is insensitive with comments
8.Struggling with getting some military things figured out and waiting ridiculous amounts of time
9. Only receiving a two day paycheck
10. Crying at work (in the bathroom, but nonetheless, my red watery eyes were a total giveaway)
11. Having to talk to my boss about my personal life and hearing her try to praise me, because she wants to make me feel better, but knowing she's doing it out of sympathy
12. Cat breaks laptop charger (I think by licking the magnetic attachment)
13. Refrigerator light bulb goes out
14. Pink eye
15. Not being able to go to church, because of pink eye
16. Dog eats pink eye eyedrops
17. Birds tear open trash bag in back of truck
18. Figuring out winterizing the truck is going to be 3x the price I thought it would be

and the positives, because I believe in trying to find some light in my life right now.

1. Hanging out at Capt. J and Mrs. K's place and making new friends
2. Having a few friends over for some games
3. Being able to commiserate with friends (some all night) on the phone about how terrible things are going
4. Holding and cuddling babies
5. Girl talk and taking doggies to the dog park
6. Calling in sick to get stuff done :-)
7. Actually getting some stuff done

on the to do list.
1. military paperwork
2. winterize the truck
3. fix gym membership, cell phone, and internet plan
4. get healthy
5. order a new laptop charger

What a week!

I'm ready for girl's night!

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  1. Oh, Sarah! Hang in there! This too shall pass.